Training 360TM

If you have an in-house sales and sales management team, SalesLink 360 can help fine tune their skills with a suite of comprehensive training services. Training your staff on a regular basis is an often overlooked investment that can pay huge dividends!  With SalesLink 360, our trainers are the best in the business and come to you with over 20 years of corporate training experience across all areas of Sales and Management.

We offer complete sales rep training programs that include customized modules unique for your business. We cover critical areas of sales such as: Relationship Building, Effective Listening, Presenting, Objection Handling, and Closing. Our Sales Training modules are available both onsite and remotely. Each module includes the training and quick reference guide. Trainings are available as a complete program or by module. Once your initial training is completed for new hire sales people or your current team; you have an option to benefit from ongoing monthly sales training on a subscription basis with no min terms. Each month, we will custom build a training based on the critical needs of your team in the moment. This way, Your team is getting just the right amount of training to close more revenue and deliver the ROI you expect.

For your Sales Managers, our VP level Sales Managers will complete Management Training remotely or onsite. We work with your managers to help them develop or improve best practices including: Recruting and Interviewing, Compensation Plan Development, KPI’s and Revenue Goals, Sales Coaching, One on One’s, Performance Management, Pipeline Management and Forecasting, Performance Improvement Plans and Dicipline, HR Requirements, and more!

Once your Sales Manager is trained, we provide an option for ongoing “Manager Mentor”. As your managers mentor, they will have a dedicated coach they can work with to confidentially share challenges and receive guidance to better manage your sales people.

  • Onsite and Remote, Online Sales Training

  • Sales Training Customized to Your Business

  • Complete End to End Sales Training or By Module

  • Ongoing, Subscription Based Sales Training Custom Build Each Month

  • Sales Management Training – End to End or By Module

  • Weekly Sales Management Mentorship Programs

Achieve Your Business Goals

Flexible solutions to suit all levels of marketing, sales, and training to help you achieve your goals.