Sales Effectiveness Assessment

Some people groan over the idea of assessments.  We know they are often over utilized and misunderstood.  Without a baseline assessment, it is difficult to impossible to map a true ‘roadmap’ to sales improvement without first understanding where you are.

Our assessment tool covers the critical functions in sales:

  • Sales Model Development

  • Financial Goal Setting

  • Revenue Activities That Tie Directly to Financial Goals

  • Sales Channels

  • Go To Market Strategies

  • Sales Staff and Performance

We tailor our assessments based on your business model, area of focus, and product and service offerings.  All our services involve the utilization of an initial baseline assessment and ongoing measurement against the original findings in order to improve and impact company sales success.

As the Leader of your company, you know that AWARENESS is the first step in creating improvement and growth.

Our objective is to provide analysis and a report that starts you and your company down the path of powerful SALES EFFECTIVENESS.

Saleslink360’s Sales Management as as Service (SMaaS) can offer you the freedom to focus on your company’s core competencies and strategy while we help you grow your client base and reputation.

Sales effectiveness is measured by the ability of a company’s sales professionals to “win” at each stage of the customer’s buying process, and ultimately earn the business on the right terms and in the right timeframe.

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Working with SalesLink 360, our clients benefit from leadership development, training, organizational development, professional placement services and good old fashioned enthusiasm!  We partner with leading behavorial assessment companies to provide a true understanding of the unique working styles of each person in your company.  Doing so dramatically improves the working relationships between staff and allows management to quickly optimize performance.

All of our services are designed to work with your business model.  Understanding your value proposition, your customer segments, how you establish your customer relationships, your channels for delivery, and your future vision for your company are all critical components for ensuring mutual success.


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