PartnerLink 360TM

PartnerLink360™ is designed to dramatically improve the results of small and medium business partner programs. It combines a robust partner program development service with dedicated lead generation solutions specifically for the benefit of our clients partnerships. Independently, companies are successful. They focus on their core business, and are experts in what they do. At some point, most companies attempt to find strategic partners calling on like prospects with non competitive offerings. As an example, a technology services company partners well with telecommunications. There is a clear differentiator in services but a shared targeted client. Unfortunately, more often than not, partnerships fail. Why? They fail because in the beginning everyone is excited about what can be done, how companies can grow together, but; execution and real results typically are mediocre at best. In a unique and exciting way, SalesLink 360 solves this problem.

We partner with your company to first help you build your partner program. With each new partner, we then present them with solution to building a partnership between your companies that will last and actually drive revenue. How do we do this? SalesLink 360 will then recruit, hire, train and manage lead gen staff that is exclusively dedicated to BOTH of your businesses…… Together. We custom build end to end lead gen programs with a dynamic and resonating messaging perfectly melded between you and your partners. And yes, while there are investments required to promote your partnership effectively the real question is, if you are really interested in working with partner companies did you really think anything of value would materialize with a smile and handshake?

But, one of the best parts of this program is with every partner your business development costs are shared. 50/50 just like the benefits. So, instead of talking the talk with so called partners; walk the walk and with SalesLink 360 build a partner program that ROCKS!

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