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MarketResearch 360TM is unique!

While other companies hire a wider variety of staff to conduct client research, SalesLink 360 focuses exclusively on working with the experts. College Students! Leveraging college students produces many benefits. First, why not work with people who are doing constant research, learning, and reports. For our team of qualified college students, Market Research 360™ becomes another research project they are already focused on doing all the time. Students also are easy to qualify based on grades. Each student is required to provide examples of their work and grades they receive to qualify. SalesLink 360 then guides them through the process of development with a highly structured data collection process. The process includes product and service research, competitor research, and direct one on one prospect interviews.

Even better, because research and surveys are conducted by locally based college students, your targeted clients welcome participating in these research projects.

Not only with Market Research 360™ provide you valuable information to promote your business, typically our clients come out of these projects with qualified leads that can then be quickly converted to paying clients!

MarketResearch 360™

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