High Quality Contact Lists. Low Monthly Subscription. Starting at only $49/mo

ListBuilder 360 does all the work for you. We build contact lists with verified cell phones, email, and direct dials, based on your exact target audience

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Spend less time prospecting and more time selling!

Our team does all the list building for you using the exact criteria you provide including Industries, Titles, Geography (to a zip code level), Seniority, Company Size, and key words. We build the lists and then deliver them directly to your inbox starting at only $49/mo!

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Why ListBuilder 360 Is Different

In general list building companies are expensive and produce poor quality lists. This approach is failing and ListBuilder 360 is focused on providing clients with better quality lists at a lower cost in a simple, low commitment monthly subscription. Our core business is not List Building… it’s business development and sales. Watch this short video to learn why that matters…

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Step 1: Subscribe based on how many contacts you want each month.


Step 2: Complete the simple setup form

where you get to tell us what your perfect client looks like. (about 10 minutes to complete)

Step 3: Submit your request

and our team gets to work researching and building verified contact lists including cell phones, email addresses, and direct dial plus up to 21 other valuable contact data points to help your team reduce selling time and close more deals!

Final Step: Receive your contacts 

Within 5 business days, your first list of contacts is delivered to email inbox based on your exact specifications. Then once monthly after that, we will send you another list based on how many monthly contacts you subscribed to.

It’s that simple. All subscriptions are month-to-month and you can cancel at any time with absolutely no notice. 

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